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Good governance is pivotal to effective and successful delivery of public service. That's what our administration is working and striving for. Hence, after we took the seat in the municipal government, we didn't just sit back and watched the poor Ambaguioans swallow the acrimony of weak governance; instead we start pulling out the stops to gradually improve Ambaguio. We cannot do it in a half shake, but judiciously, we will make sure that every step that this LGU shall undertake is geared towards the achievement of our goal in making Ambaguio a developed municipality.

Nevertheless, no development may take place unless you dear Ambaguians whom we are meant to serve are involved. Therefore, taking cognizance of your immense role in local governance, this LGU leadership ensures the participation of NGOs and the private sector thereby encouraging people empowerment as provided for in the Local Government Code of 1991.


Basically, we cannot obtain people's participation without winning your trust. This can only be done through upholding transparent and accoutable local governance. This has not been easy for this LGU considering its financial limitations. Nevertheless, recognizing the positive upshot of such undertaking and given the fact that access to government information is a common right, we leveled up the information system of our LGU, hence this website. This website is created for you my beloved consitituents to keep you abreast with the current situation of our municipality and likewise to acquire comments and recommendations deemed necessary for the improvement of our town – Ambaguio.

Thank you very much for your unswerving support and may our Almighty Father bless our plans.


Hon Arnold P. Dinungon, CE
Municipal Mayor



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